Wise Words

Over my career I have been fortunate enough to work for some brilliant leaders who have helped and inspired me with advice and opportunities. Subsequently, I have talked to candidates discussing their career successes, pressures, and how they have developed their skills.

I have listed below the wise words that really helped me, I hope they are useful,

  • Be positive; today is a good day, whatever happens, you will handle it well

  • Be approachable; help less experienced colleagues, people from other departments

  • Offer to help; other functions, colleagues, if your area is less busy

  • Raise your profile; join focus/project groups, attend industry events, join associations

  • Contribute above the norm; suggest improvements to the customer experience, teamwork, process, efficiency, forms etc.

  • Present your exceptional work; (or your teams) to your boss, to a senior executive, refresh them how far you have come

  • Say thank you; every department is important, recognise colleagues for their contribution

  • Catch someone; doing something good

  • Go the extra mile; find a subtle way to let clients and leaders know the extra effort

  • Ensure; you have work life balance, you will achieve more if you have balance

  • Be creative; arrange or contribute to meetings that people would buy a ticket to attend

  • Analyse; your strengths and development areas, but do not beat yourself up

  • Do your best; development areas are typically lack of exposure or training, identify the areas you want to learn

  • Seek feedback; listen and learn. Everyone can improve

  • React well; or do not react at all

  • Book a Me Day; book a day off or a clear diary day to catch up and refocus

  • Address challenges; by suggesting solutions, ask for ideas from colleagues, collaborate

  • Embrace your choice; the role, the level, the location etc. may suit your life for now

  • Think how you can make a change, do not just complain

  • And if all else fails, remember; you have choice, you may be ready for a new challenge, every step forward you make now, will take you closer to your goal...

This is by no means a definitive list, let me know if you have some brilliant ideas to add to it.

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