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Well here goes, never thought I'd get there but I am having a go. I want to credit Wix.com for enabling me to build my first website. Thank you to all my patient friends and family who I have bored to tears talking about ideas for a lifestyle website, I am very grateful.

Tremendous credit to Henrik Edberg of positivityblog.com and Lars Lofgren of Quicksprout.com whose articles on how to start a blog, even I could understand.

So what shall we talk about?

My plan is to share a range of home renovation and lifestyle product ideas and recommendations that we have researched over 30 years and 6 homes.

This all started because I could never afford what I wanted from the gorgeous images in a glossy home magazine, but I wanted the vision.

I developed a passion, my husband may say an obsession, to research the best solution, product, materials and how to do it yourself. This then spread into a whole range of lifestyle categories, clothes, beauty, pets, well-being etc.

I hope we will inspire you by our successes, make you laugh and learn from our failures.

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