Top 6 Garden Parasol Ideas June 2020

Having had so much time at home, and unlikely to go away this year, making our garden beautiful has been on our mind. The wind took the old garden umbrella and snapped a spoke. Great excuse for me to buy another one before my husband got his soldering iron out.

Here are some of the prettiest, different and great value Parasols I found. There is a huge range and choice out there, especially compared to when I last bought one 10 years ago. N.B. always check if you need to buy a Parasol Stand separately, as most seem to come without a stand.

1/ SunTime Shanghai 2.7m Crank & Tilt via Amazon £43.99

Great value, good size, available in pretty colours. Some reviews said the crank style can get stuck but most reviews were positive and at £43.99 it's worth a try perhaps?

2/ Patio Umbrella with LEDs from £109.90

This cantilever design with LED's is pretty and practical for staying up late. This is the best price I found it for.

3/ Hilltop 3m Parasol by Hartmann via £101.99

Traditional push-up design, (less to go wrong as per my husband) very light grey. I also like the white pole.

4/ Shady Lace Parasol by Droog via 2.45m £241.00

Available in Green and Light Grey. It's designed to give dappled shade. The green has a gold bird on top, the grey a silver bird.

5/ Paradise Island Emerald Jewel, by 1.85m £359.00

I love the colours and exotic styles this company advertise, this one is in stock, though sadly not all styles but worth watching if you want to treat yourself.

6/ Big Green Aretha by £755.00

I love this garden parasol, the range of colours and patterns at East London Parasols is truly magical. Without question a very pricey item and beyond me, but it's nice to dream.


Continuing on the garden theme, I have been researching double loungers, garden seating and hanging chairs, let me know what you would like to see next.

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