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So, if we are staying home this year, sitting outside in the evening in the UK is unlikely to feel balmy, we need a little help. In addition to the warmth, fire pits look stylish and cosy. Here are the fruits of my research and some of my favourite options, I haven't tried these fires, please undertake your own due diligence, this is for high level ideas only.

The first question appears to be, do you want a gas option or bioethanol? As with most things, there are pro's and cons to both, so I have shown both and will let you make up your own mind.

The Love Island Fire Bowl...

UrbanFires.co.uk make the real Love Island fire bowl, featured in the current Love Island Australia. This is an absolutely beautiful fire bowl, I love the pebble bed. The fire bowl comes in a range of customisable options, too many to feature in detail here, a quick summary...

Urban Fires Astra gas firebowls are 914mm in diameter, have a great range of pebble fuel bed options and will operate on natural gas or LPG cylinders. They have full smart fire technology -  remote control by handset, or smartphone app.

Liquid fuel (Bioethanol) firebowls are also available, they need no gas supply and are often available from stock or within seven days. These firebowls are available in four sizes – Moreno in 850 and 600 dia sizes and Portland in 1000 and 765 diameter.

Prices range from £955.20 to £3960.00 according to size, fuel bed and fuel type options.


Urbanfires.co.uk also make the Cody polished concrete fire pit pictured below.

I love this Cody 1000 made in ' lightly-exposed' finish concrete in Ash colour, and again the pebble bed with a remote control Signature outside gas burner.


Oakworld Alfresco Brisbane Round Gas Fire Bowl £799.00

I like the shape and simplicity of this one, and the potential table edge, although I am sure it gets very hot. Therefore, is it a hazard or can the edge be used as a table? I would be interested in feedback from someone who has one?


Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table by Elementi at Wayfair £659.99

A pretty fire bowl, reasonably priced, similar bowl idea...


ECOSMART FIRE Mix 850 - Outdoor & Indoor Fire Pit with AB8 (EN) Burner - Bone via Moonlight Design £1270.75 pictured. Also available in Mix 600 £845.75

This is the prettiest, comparable Bioethanol fire I found in terms of a bowl and colour.


Noe Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table £649.99 at wayfair.co.uk

Love the shape and styling of this one, the price is getting more reasonable, like the table edge, again though not sure about heat. Reviews on Wayfair are good.


Raung Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table by Elementi at wayfair.co.uk £1,199.99

I love the shape of this one, expensive but effective.


Peaktop Outdoor Garden Patio Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit £424.99 via ebay.co.uk

I included this one because the shape is different and the price is competitive, I am not sure how they hid the gas bottle connection in the picture, but it does need to be hooked up to a propane gas bottle source.


Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Square Retro Wood Finish Propane Gas Fire Pit via amazon.co.uk £349.99

Defintely worth a look, seems very good value, the retro wood look finish makes a refreshing change.


One of the things I preferred about the expensive fireplaces was the large white pebble fire bed, this will take more research, but I noted that you can buy replacement ceramic pebbles on Amazon.

Just an idea, to be researched, I'll get back to you on that, but these ceramic pebbles below say they are for use on a gas or bioethanol fire............

N.B. Pebbles must be ceramic for the specific use of a fire pit (not real pebbles) and in the case of a bioethanol fire they must not impinge on the flames. This could affect combustion and potentially produce toxic products.

coals 4 you 20 Ceramic Pebbles at Amazon £15.50 per bag (+£2.50 delivery)


In response to an additional question, I have added options where the gas bottle can be hidden under the table.

Kettler Palma Fire Pit Table available in white wash or rattan colours £799.00 via Kettler UK

The weatherproof cement top table includes a weathered wood look. The fire pit at the centre of the table comes with a lid to keep the fire covered when not in use. The glass surround prevents ash from escaping the fire pit and is detachable.

Load the gas canister into a hidden compartment under the table and close it behind the wicker door between the aluminium legs.


Fraida Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table at Wayfair £469.99

This table also hides the fuel tank beneath the table.

Kayden Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table at Wayfair.co.uk £639.99

This fire pit also has a hidden fuel tank.

There potentially is a compromise on style, vs functionality, a story as old as time. I will keep looking.....

Hope you enjoy this article, always interested in your feedback, topic suggestions, sign in to comment & receive email updates, follow me on instagram etc...

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