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I love searching and finding beautiful, practical items for the home. The images of stunning interiors in the glossy home magazines are a great inspiration. However I do find that typically the handmade, exclusive, and bespoke (aka expensive) products featured are beyond me, but I spend ages seeking affordable alternatives. Here are some of my favourite finds for the dining room, kitchen and hall.

Dining table & Benches by Danetti.com

I wanted a booth style dining table rather than lots of chairs. I found a beautiful buttoned back, dining bench in velvet that was £3000, before even buying a table, it was absolutely beautiful, so I searched for something similar.

This whole set including benches & extending table from Danetti was £1350.00 I managed to get it when they had a 10% off.

It extends to seat 8 comfortably & we have squeezed 10 round it at Christmas. In additional to being visually appealing, it is practical, the upholstery is hard wearing synthetic and wipes down. The customer service at Danetti is superb, their products are different, stylish and well priced.


Since I bought it they have more options, in plush velvet, I wish I could replace mine, these are just beautiful.


Leather occasional armchair & footstool

We had always wanted a feature armchair in leather. We looked at all the designer styles, the Egg Chair, the Barcelona Chair & Footstool, the Eames Chair and Ottoman. We sat in the originals and the replicas. We found this beautiful comfortable leather Hidde swivel chair in Heals.com the most comfortable and it now sits in our kitchen.

The Hidde swivel chair is an example of a special treasure I couldn’t resist. I searched everywhere for a less expensive option but on this occasion we couldn’t find the compromise. https://www.heals.com/hidde-swivel-armchair.html

The leather footstool that matched with the Hidde chair was another £1500 which we felt was a lot for a footstool. I found this Baastool in rare breed sheepskin, it adds texture and a cosy feel for your feet at £260. I think it has more personality and looks far better than the original matching footstool at a 6th of the price. https://baastool.co.uk/product/ffion-baa-stool-rare-breed/

Baastool is a lovely small company offering a range of sheepskin stools, chairs and cushions in beautiful colours. The service is superb and the packaging is high quality too, this is my current favourite.


The Bubble Chair

There is a range of Bubble Chairs available online at prices from £495 to £859. It is difficult to discern a difference in the chair, but some of the cushions look stiff and inflexible, some are soft squishy fabric and some are leather.

I bought mine from Bubblechairsdirect.com for £495.00 it was the best value I could find with soft cushions (though not leather) and was delivered quickly. I always wanted a hanging chair & this retro look works well with our 1960’s house. It is actually very comfortable and gives you a lovely cocooned sensation for listening to music or reading a book, or just enjoying the view.


Island stools

By the time we were ready to buy our island bar stools we had virtually no budget left. Originally I fell in love with Philippe Starck Mirrored Ghost Stools as I saw on Bethenny Frankel's NY apartment on RHONY. I couldn't find them for sale anywhere, or a copy. Hence no picture, no link.

The nearest I found was the Hudbar stool, pictured, Philippe Starck designed it for the Hudson Hotel Bar in NY. It was "Slightly" out of my price range at £1820.00 each. https://www.connectionsathome.co.uk/furniture/bar-stools-cocktail-bars-low-tables/emeco-hudson-bar-stool-polished-philippe-starck.html

I also loved the Kartell Masters bar stool in gold and also available in silver. At £467.10 each it seemed a bargain compared to the hudson bar stool, but still too much for us.


Ultimately we opted for these neutral retro circular stools from Dwell.com.

While no comparison to the options above, I am happyish with them. They are comfortable and fit with the decor. They are practical, when they are dropped low, they are perfect for extra seating around the dining table, something the fixed Kartell stools wouldn’t be able to do. Mine are “greige” Dwell call it stone. https://dwell.co.uk/141310-retro-circles-bar-stool-stone/

Simplybarstools.co.uk have a similar stool even better value, in silver at £44.95 each or £79.95 for two. https://www.simplybarstools.co.uk/sorrento-swivel-bar-stool-silver/

Burnt orange hall ottoman

I wanted a bench in the hall to store hats, gloves shoes etc and to sit on when we change our shoes. This beautiful burnt orange ottoman in the hall is from Made.com. They do have storage versions which would be even better, but I loved the colour of this one, so bought a basket for the shoes.

I love the velvet and the colour, they have different colours now equally beautiful. https://www.made.com/scott-ottoman-bench-grass-cotton-velvet-12

Mirrored Console Table

I love our hall console table from Oka.com, it was initially bought for our shabby chic cottage but I think it works just as well in our modern hall. Mine is smaller & deeper than the one I have attached a link to, but this is the one they have now. https://www.oka.com/product/versailles-mirrored-console-table-large-glass/

I also found this one from pictureperfecthome.co.uk which is lovely & much more affordable at £227.00


I hope these ideas have been practical and useful. Always pleased to have feedback for any further interior/ garden topics. Autumn is my favourite season and I cannot wait to write about candles, throws, cushions, wood burning stoves and all things cosy as we move into September.

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